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Monday, August 19, 2013

fresh harvest

this year, my garden didn't produce much veges as i wished
for, i think they lucked good amount of nutrients to grow
properly.  but, by doing a planter gardening, having few harvest
is good enough and i am happy. 
at least, i learn each year for more proper way of growing things,
life is always in a learning process. 

i will use the tomato for salad for my lunch.
will sautee the bitter melon with soysause and sugar,
may add some bacons!


  1. I can't wait my bitter melon starts to grow!

  2. Bitter melon is good with fry egg as well
    I didn't have much vegetable to harvest either this year, and I just have a tiny garden. But I really enjoy spending at the garden and there is so much to learn from nature.
    Have a good weekday