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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

good morning wednesday ✾

my secound try of DIY wire basket has
became a charm point. 
yesterday, i had "not so good looking"
lunch.  that made me want to creat prettier one for today.
there is no meat in it again, not intentionally though,
sometimes, i go on vegeterian mood ~
i will have this with bowl of rice at work (inside of the
building) but the result of my pretty color lunch made
me want to escape to the mountain for picnic lunch
during the break. 
let's see ♪ ♫ i might.
one thing i definitely inherited from my mother is
to go pick garden leaf to decorate the meal.
i am glad this is one thing she tought me.


  1. Your lunch looks so pretty to me and I really like the idea of adding the garden leaf. Got to borrow your mum's idea from now on, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi! I am on a little break at work so I came to visit you. Your lunch looks SO pretty and tasty - I wish mine would look the same (Unfortunately mine is only a yoghurt and some bread)I hope you got to enjoy your meal on the mountain in crisp air. That sounds like a perfect break.