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Thursday, August 22, 2013

iced tea

i can't live without having iced tea during the summer.  i
seem to be drinking something cold all the time during the
summer, something hot all day long during the fall
and winter.  whether hot or cold, fresh made tea
always have refreshing effect.
jasmine tea and earl grey
were my favorites to make iced tea this summer
soon, i will enjoy hot tea more often.


  1. I never stop to drink hot tea. Love mine black with milk. :-)

  2. I just love your blog and the beautiful photos that you take. The Englich bonsai book is at out library and I will check it out.
    Thanks so much.

    Fran (Calgary, Canada)

  3. I love these photographs, thank you for sharing. I really enjoy hot jasmin tea and earl grey too but I am not so used to sweet ice teas. I think I have to try to make some of it soon and try again. These pics looked so refreshing.

  4. Beautiful images, so Inspiring ! Lovely yellow colour. I enjoy also a lot of tea, thank you so much for the tea you sent me. I drink tea the most during autumn and winter. A few year ago I used to live in The Netherlands, I always got ice tea from my mother in law. I don`t know how to make it myself. I am afraid this is a very stupid question, but how do you prepare/make it ?

    ~ Aina ~

    1. to make ice tea,
      ① i use half amount of hot water, pour over
      one tea bag...let infuse for minute or so. take the
      tea bag out.
      ② then, in another cup, put as many ice cubes as the
      glass can hold, pour hot tea over it.
      that's all i do.

      if you prefer, sweet tea, please add sugar in ① after
      tea bag is removed and while it is still very hot, then
      the sugar get dissolved.

      i make one cup of iced tea at a time, so i can enjoy
      fresh tea each time.
      i hope this helps.


  5. Thank you so much Coco for taking time to explane! I thought maybe you would make a warm cup first, then just cool it down and adding ice cubes in the end. Now I Know how to do it. sometimes the simplest things can be difficult to understand ;)

    ~ Aina ~