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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

imperfect summer

lucky enough.  from the small tomato sprouts my neighbor gave me 
months ago, i was able to harvest 3 small tomatoes.  only three!
but i enjoyed wathcing them grow closely.  with all these
three, non of them were perfect but it's all right. 
this morning, i cut one of them and put it in my mouth.
it was absolutely "taste of summer"
some of you might be tired of seeing my cardiospermum
collection but i am found of thehm each year when i
harvest.   as a matter of fact, cardiospermum,
morning glory, and bitter melon, all three are kind of
symbol of japanese summer.   many people admire them
in their own yard these days to promote natural
cooling effect rather than using airconditioner.
i am not sure how much it will help to reduce the use
of airconditioner during so humid and sizzling
time of the year here.
but it's nice to see the green curtain and
at least pretend little cooling effect.
i kind of the like the imperfection



  1. Imperfection is often pretty, I think. If something is too perfect, one can even be intimidated by that. I have really enjoyed your pictures about harvesting and that clip of a movie a few posts away was very amiable and the atmosphere in it beautiful. Cafe in the middle of nowhere sounds quite romantic.

  2. it is a beautiful effort, and i think anything you grow with your own hands is always more special and meaningful. it is still very warm where you are ? i am a little jealous ;) ...our summer seems to be ending so early this year ...