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Sunday, August 18, 2013

what's your favorite kind of bread?

the other day, i watched this movie
lots of my favorite things are packed in this film,
bread making, beautiful landscape, cafe in the middle of nowhere,
making and enjoying hot drink, cooking for others...etc
while watching the movie with my nephew,
he and i shared the same feeling of
"wanting to share"the bread with each other. 
at that time, although, i didn't have the kind of bread
we wanted as we saw in the movie, there were few of
sweet kinds in my kitchen basket.  we decide to share
that one while the story progressed to the heart of it. 
then, after while, i found this tuscan type of bread
and brought half of it home.  've always loved this
simple kind and indulge myself with some butter.
next time, i will have to get the whole and share
with my little friend. 
chocolate mint icecream is my
current favorite too.
what's your favoite kind of bread?