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Saturday, September 28, 2013

saturday night

came home late from work
the night is ending with darkness and the wind
two lucky girls for this handmade are
lily and maria
please send me your contact infor

Friday, September 27, 2013

fun day

inspiring town walk today.  the most fun thing while in
town is always seeing stylish, intriguing people
walking by but sometimes it gets too much.  in the end,
i like going back to basic.  all i bought today were
some yarns, fabric to make a fall skirt, bread with olives in
it which i am looking foward to have for supper tonight with
some red wine and maybe green salad. 
another bread with some grains will be made into sandwich
for tomorrow's lunch with corn soup!
an angel gave me "a little opportnity to be a
child for a moment".   this makes my tea time
so much more enjoyable one. 
this is heavenly taste



 juneberry turned cozy yellow all of a sudden
 i am still working on this project but
i am off to one of yarn shops
looking for soft wool ♪
happy friday

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


it feels like the time has seized for a moment.
above images were taken during the lunch hour walk.
now i am home sitting here with a peace of mind,
getting ready to fix a cup of
coffee to relax for the long night.
i will see another beautiful sunrise
tomorrow, i think...
p.s. sorry the images are not in good color.
when taking these photos, my cell phone doen't
give me as good as the color with my little hard working
casio but i've learned to enjoy the different kind of shade
it creats.  it's almost like black and white with a
peaceful quiet old days.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

so autumn



these days, i am so into autumn colors.
not too long ago, i made 1000 post.
i wanted to enjoy this autumn color and made
some more drawstrings and embroided
kaki and leaf on the back
i am looking for someone who might enjoy this
deep red color with me. 
they are fairly large enough to hold
your wooden sticks and yarns for you
to carry them to outdoor
let me know if you are interested in
by sep28th, this saturday
two will be selected
*the offer is closed*

Monday, September 23, 2013

nothing but the potatoes

this has grown a little bit since then 
potatoes steamed + salt&pepper
there was nothing to eat except
patatoes this morning


Sunday, September 22, 2013

old & new

something old style:  there is something about kimono and
old style fabric, i've always get very attracted to them. 
one thing i wanted to have for a long time was
this and recently bought one for myself. 
've never imagined myself wearing a pair of glassess
but now i have to accept the fact.
with a glasses one, i feel different and
feel being renewed

Saturday, September 21, 2013

signs of fall

wild morning glory
the seed i obtained from a peaceful walk
in counryside about two years ago, they bloom
this time of year.  they now became a symbol
of early fall in the garden and the flower is
about the size of my finger tip

Friday, September 20, 2013

lunch break

escaped to rooftop garden 

homemade compote

nashi compote i wanted to make for a while
knitting with very thin yarn makes me take such 
a long time and sometimes, i even give up the
project and this is what i had started almost
a year ago.  but seeing others enjoy knitting
encourage me to finish this. 
during the day, it is still warm, even feel rather
hot here but it gets so much cooler by evening. 
this is going to be one handy items for me
to keep in the bag when going out. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

autumn moon

very productive day off today
hair cut in the morning, visit to cafe and zakka store
for some shopping, lunch at mcdonald, lots of lundry
hanged outside and spent some time in the garden
for tiddying up for cold season
now, i am decently tired
watching a full moon from a living room

wishing you all having a beautiful autumn day

Sunday, September 15, 2013

poached egg, pumpkin, & mashroom

changing season gives me a hint of new recipe idea. 
this morning, i needed something warm and comfortable
meal.  this is one quick dish i made. 
pumpkin, mashroom, and poached egg risotto
and grilled pumpkin on the side.    i liked the taste of
grilled pumpkin. 
during afternoon tea time,
i had a delicioud danish with nuts and caramel on top

Saturday, September 14, 2013

recycle vintage fabric

the vintage look fabric i admired for a while ...i took a
courage to cut it and made it into pouchs.
i am thinking about using bigger one for my craft supply,
red zipper one is a perfect size for a pair of glasses, two
more extra.  and left over material was patched togher
and became an odd shaped wool coaster.
making things out of new fabric is always fun
but using recycled fabric and creat and give another life
as she often does, i found myself loving them more and more. 
don't you?

biscuit sandwich

one favorite way to enjoy
biscket sandwich with cold margarine