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Friday, September 27, 2013

fun day

inspiring town walk today.  the most fun thing while in
town is always seeing stylish, intriguing people
walking by but sometimes it gets too much.  in the end,
i like going back to basic.  all i bought today were
some yarns, fabric to make a fall skirt, bread with olives in
it which i am looking foward to have for supper tonight with
some red wine and maybe green salad. 
another bread with some grains will be made into sandwich
for tomorrow's lunch with corn soup!
an angel gave me "a little opportnity to be a
child for a moment".   this makes my tea time
so much more enjoyable one. 
this is heavenly taste



  1. a lily growing in your tea ;)
    i think i understand what you mean
    about it all being too much
    it's such a relief to stick to the basics
    + olive bread is my favourite,
    a friend brings us one fresh from the market
    every wednesday, i can never wait till lunchtime!
    keep smiling, dear coco

  2. what a lovely tea accessory :)
    and i would love to see the skirt you will make!

  3. Sounds lovely and your fabrics are full of beautiful autumn mood, I think.
    I like to visit in the city but staying too long makes me restless. I understand very well what you mean.

  4. nice day!
    tea time and fresh bread mmm:)

  5. Thank you for taking us along on your adventures.
    The bread looks delicious, I'm sure it went well with your wine and salad.
    xo, j

  6. Such lovely tea-boat! Enjoy the little things, dear Coco!