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Sunday, September 22, 2013

old & new

something old style:  there is something about kimono and
old style fabric, i've always get very attracted to them. 
one thing i wanted to have for a long time was
this and recently bought one for myself. 
've never imagined myself wearing a pair of glassess
but now i have to accept the fact.
with a glasses one, i feel different and
feel being renewed


  1. The monpe trousers look so incredibly comfy and elegant I wish I had a pair! Your new glasses are simply stylish, too! I can imagine the feeling of looking totally different and renewed when suddenly wearing them.

  2. ohhh I want some of these trousers, can't find them in the uk, are they very comfy? Glasses are strange and good for you, I am wearing mine now too x

  3. I still know how it felt having to wear glasses, too. Had to start some years ago coz I got headaches without them.

    Love the trousers - which one did you buy yourself?

  4. Love the trousers! Which pattern/color did you buy?
    Glasses are an adjustment but it's nice to see clearly.
    Have a wonderful week.
    xo, j

  5. Silly me, you bought the pattern shown!
    It's Monday
    xo, j