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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

so autumn



these days, i am so into autumn colors.
not too long ago, i made 1000 post.
i wanted to enjoy this autumn color and made
some more drawstrings and embroided
kaki and leaf on the back
i am looking for someone who might enjoy this
deep red color with me. 
they are fairly large enough to hold
your wooden sticks and yarns for you
to carry them to outdoor
let me know if you are interested in
by sep28th, this saturday
two will be selected
*the offer is closed*


  1. Your colors made me feel joy in my heart. Amazing numbers ...1000


  2. Oh 1000post!! congratulations!!
    Beautiful autumn colors, I like it!

  3. Dear Coco,

    Thank you for your kind e-mail. Your words always makes me very happy :) I look at everything you've created, it's such a warm welcome to me. You inspire me with your creativity. Beautiful colors of yarn and fabric. Just like autumn, vibrant and very stimulating. like you, I always feel the itch to make lots of new design and products during this season, and it continues until Christmas. I just made ​​a cup of tea, enjoying the one I got from you. Again thank you. It is very cold tonight, only 4 degrees. Soon it will freeze..

    Unfortunately I don`t knit, I started once, you don`t wanna know how it looked like ;))

    Warm hug to you my friend ~ Aina

  4. So beautiful. They remind me of all the Maine apples I have been eating. It is so good to be back home again after a year away. Thanks for the interesting and evocative pictures.

  5. 1.000 posts are a big number coco!
    wish for more and more to come!
    lovely autumn colors!
    i would love to take the chance to enjoy this beautiful color!