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Monday, October 28, 2013

sunshined afternoon

enjoyed delicious chocolate and beautiful afternoon
fun chatting with a friend
over cups of tea and coffee
and we made wire bascket together

Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall propagation

i took some plants for propagation
rain this evening will be a good treat to them
but more big typhoons are on the way
i had to put all my pots close togher for them to lean on each other
my cactus are getting tall but too thin
don't know what to do with them
any good idea?
long waited onion soup
slowly caramalized onion looked so great
with melted cheese on top
this is what i am having tonight
what's on your dinner table?

Friday, October 18, 2013

sit with yarns

unfinished project discovered in the closet
i decide to to give another try 
being surrounded by yarns makes me happy
i like this cute commercial

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cinnamon apple and apple seed

forgotten apple had been sitting on the counter for
more than several days, thanks to the reminder
i made that into cinnamon apple treat, it tasted so
good when it just came out from a hot pan.
there was one thing i wanted to experiment for
a long time, and those seed from this apple
are now in my little pot.  wishing for
new apple sprouts .....

hot lemon and ginger tea

i went to pick up another book from the library
and there was some kind of handmade fair going on.
i was so excited about it more than my book.  so many beautiful,
colorful hand knitted, hand woven bags, etc.
 fu ...

having sore throat and cough for last few days.
but decide to treat myself rather than going to
the doctor for medicine.  my cold remedy i usually
use is lots of lemon and ginger 
✾hot lemon and ginger treat:
. plenty of lemon juice
. freshly grated ginger
. brown sugar
pour boiled water into the cup.
it is delicious and keep you warm.
i also made sugar lemon.  just sprinkle plenty amount
of brown sugar on sliced lemon.  this is so sweet & delicious
and i can eat the whole lemon. 
while i was making lemon tea, i had a surprise
from the postman and received thoughtful package. 
handmade wool scarf is so soft and warm, just the right
time for my cold.  thank you so much anu
i love having handmade from others.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

something for autumn

i have been sewing this and that lately.  once i finished
this dot tote, i feel like i can welcome the cold season ...
then got some more energy to sew new lunch bagm,
something to enjoy the change of the season.
i am now going to have a cup of hazelnuts coffee and
cinnamon roll for late afternoon treat. 

Friday, October 4, 2013


today, i received this very enchanting book
for a local library.  if you love creating and
colorful things around you, this book offers you
a lots of ideas and uplifting energy. 


nuts picking, crunching leaves
sewing and knitting
hot tea and coffee
taking advantage of the season