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Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall propagation

i took some plants for propagation
rain this evening will be a good treat to them
but more big typhoons are on the way
i had to put all my pots close togher for them to lean on each other
my cactus are getting tall but too thin
don't know what to do with them
any good idea?
long waited onion soup
slowly caramalized onion looked so great
with melted cheese on top
this is what i am having tonight
what's on your dinner table?


  1. love onion warm.perfect for cozy autumn.

  2. lovely photos as always dear coco
    and i LOVE that liberty fabric on your bag.
    i have had the same problem when i have had those cactuses but i have never managed to
    found out how to do something about it. hope you will figure it out.

    i love homemade soups and in autumn and winter i eat it a lot. i like a lot of different soups but i think my favourite
    is lentil soup. with lots of spices and/or herbs and garlic bread together with it.
    today we are having homemade pizza, we usually have it every saturday. and tomorrow i have planned making pancakes for dinner. with bacon and jam made of fresh blueberry...sooo good : )

    wishing you a good weekend.

    1. that sound like a perfect weekend dinner and that liberty
      fabric was one of pretty things from you. the pattern is so
      calm and charming, has became one of my favorite.
      thanks v.

  3. looks delicious!! today I have made a chicken broth. I am also tidying my craft/work space as I still have not unpacked all my boxes. thank you so very much for my parcel x x

  4. not cold enough here yet,
    but onion soup is one of my favourites
    but, like v, lentils come tops