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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

hot lemon and ginger tea

i went to pick up another book from the library
and there was some kind of handmade fair going on.
i was so excited about it more than my book.  so many beautiful,
colorful hand knitted, hand woven bags, etc.
 fu ...

having sore throat and cough for last few days.
but decide to treat myself rather than going to
the doctor for medicine.  my cold remedy i usually
use is lots of lemon and ginger 
✾hot lemon and ginger treat:
. plenty of lemon juice
. freshly grated ginger
. brown sugar
pour boiled water into the cup.
it is delicious and keep you warm.
i also made sugar lemon.  just sprinkle plenty amount
of brown sugar on sliced lemon.  this is so sweet & delicious
and i can eat the whole lemon. 
while i was making lemon tea, i had a surprise
from the postman and received thoughtful package. 
handmade wool scarf is so soft and warm, just the right
time for my cold.  thank you so much anu
i love having handmade from others.



  1. Take care of yourself! Hope you feel better soon again!

  2. hope you feel better from your sniffles soon, excellent sounding concoctions, and lovely hand made goodies x

  3. oh, so beautiful purchases coco!
    lovely wooven socks and little wallet!
    and hope you will quick get better!
    your natural remedy looks very good :)

  4. I hope you will get better very soon! You have found such beautiful handmade items from the fair and it makes me happy to hear that my scarf/cowl made you warm. I come back from a little trip just now and will write you e-mail soon.

  5. thank you, i will try that
    all the family has gone down with the cold :)