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Saturday, November 30, 2013

like an old friend

he is going to be admitted in the hospital on 12/2, monday,
recently told there is tumor growing in his brain.   he is expecting
a brain surgery soon.  he has no family and totally alone.  he
is one of residents where i work as a nurse for last three years.
i approached him to see how he is coping with, asked if there is
anything i/we can do.  he said "no", very bluntly.  i sensed he
is not in a mood to talk to someone at the moment.
well, if so, i wanted to respect his feeling and privacy and give him
own peaceful moment without interuption.  but i still wanted to do
something even though he said "nothing".
so...i tried 
"may i make a cup of tea for you?" 
quietly, he replied to me "if you have one with me".
i was in the middle of my duty.  i even know there may not
be anything i can do to save him from possible brain cancer. 
if there is nothing i can do.........maybe i can just
listen to him like an old friend. 
i made two cups of hot hot green tea.  strong green tea from our
dinning.  he said i like strong tea like this.  don't like the light one.
one sip at a time while it's hot.  he started talking how he feels
as he sips....
over a cup of tea, we chatted a little bit.
after talking for a while, before he left, i saw him standing
his head tilted so discouragedly.  all the sudden one
tear dropped on the floor.  
he said, "i appreciate you caring for me".
after that, i went to my maneger, asked her if it is possible
to accompany him on the day of his admission to the
hospital because he is going to take a bus and then train by himself
without anyone with him.   sometimes, it is nice to have someone
next to.  just be there. 
having such diagnosis and even had to think of brain surgery
must be more than scary thing for him.   i am kind of relief to
know my boss will go to the hospital with him on monday. 
there maybe someone who like to chat with you or want
you to listen to them around you.  if you are in the same situation
wanting to hear what they have in mind, it is a good idea to
make a cup of tea/coffee and sit with them for a while.  so they
will know you have "time" to listen to them. 
enjoy the tea time.
although i shed tears for him, there is no
romantic end in this.  he is my grandpa's age. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

happy thanksgiving

maple tree ripen
more pears in a pan
saving it's best taste
it's getting much colder now that i
turned the karosine stove heater in the kitchen
kept a pan to boil some water while it's on
one of winter favorite
an angel came to my house yesterday
one best thing happened after
one bad day
 it is nice that there is someone
watching over me
happy thanksgiving to my friends

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

chicken in marmalade & soy souce

super easy delicious chicken
marmalade jam and soy souce warmed in a pan
add chicken then
just cook till meat is tender

one more red mat for my chair is completed
went to town to buy some warm shirts for my father
walking in downtown made me exhausted after three hours
i came home, ate a big chocolate pie with coffee
then more sweet snack to recover from lost energy
sweet things make me smile these days
i also made pear jam/compote
will be stored in the freezer
this way, i can still enjoy my
favorite pear late time 


Sunday, November 24, 2013

greatful sunday

glad to have:
* going to see my nephew sing in a choir
* happy to see my herbs still doing well in cold balcony.
   i am going to try propagating oregano and thyme this time.
* good friends who listen well.  always nice to have at least
   one or few good listener around you, and it means that
   i like to be like them to be a good listener to someone. 
   there are still so much to learn from others in this world.
* sunny sunday away from work.  feel so lucky when i
   get sunday off..
the days started with sunshine and cool air.  by
this evening, there will be some rain.  not welcoming
the rain but my plants will be happy. 
wishing you warm happy sunday however
your sky look like ❦

Friday, November 22, 2013

olive oil and daikon

i did combine linen and wool to crochet
the round mat for the cold chair
sliced daikon get the cool air outside
this evening, i will have olive oil sauteed
daikon with pinch of salt splinkled
simple enjoyment for the day

Thursday, November 21, 2013

mind resting place

scarf i made on this day
all the cluttered thread has been fixed
and washed in warm water
now ready to go on walking trip with me
as walking down in cold air during lunch break
i found these maple tree
covered with orange and red veil
i remember that you wanted to see
 our maple tree when they finally put 
a autumn coat on them
it was such a rich red and orange
color, good treat to my eyes
hope you like them
these images taken in the park was
via my cell phone, not sure why,
but my cell phone camera gives me
kind of nostalgic atmosphere
which i am enjoying it

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

winter flower

little pansy and pink knotweed
i planted while ago...greeted me with
smile this morning.
do you have this tiny plant in your area? 
this is one of weed i like.
they are very tiny, yet so cute and cheerful
one of charming ground cover duirng the
dark&cold winter time. 
temperature falling down, i feel it
on my toes...wearing very thick socks
and room shoes to not to have
frostbite this year. 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

tea time for the night

coffee or tea?  like in the airplane, ask myself
when tea time comes and what dessert to go with..
making this selection is always a happy moment.
today, i had a block of chocolate and
this maple leaf surprise.  when opened,
various shape of candies
found.  very cute idea. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

exchange old clothes

every once in a while
i open a flea market in my house
i tell my sisters that the can pick whatever they like
and all free (free market ☺)
this time, i got lucky
my sister gave me her old clothes
this beige wool top is one of them
do you enjoy exchanging things between
the ivy  in a little jar begin to
show roots in there
i will plant them soon

Sunday, November 17, 2013

red leaves

finally found the red and orange leaves these days
my first time having white tea
it is utterly good with orange flavor in the end
thanks to my tea friend

Monday, November 11, 2013

opal basil & pouch

i made a little pouch for my glasses this evening
this will go perfectly in my pocket at work
thank you lily, your vintage ribbon became charm point
my opal basil is fading it's life
some of last stems are being chopped
now in the new pot
hope it works
i heard the weather lady kept saying
it is getting colder little bit in few days
this time i decide to trust her words
and got my electric rug out
covered my living room with warmness
now i am ready to sit down for cup of tea
for relaxing night
...maybe finishin up my kntting

Saturday, November 9, 2013

perfect weekend

this weekend, my sister took me to the garden center above
it was more than garden goods
breath taking roses and other display
they were all good treat to my eyes and soul

then we headed to a charming cafe nearby
there were hand crafted table and chairs and
two rabbits in the garden sleeping comfortably

at the cafe, i took saori weaving lesson
and made interesting scarf
it took three hours and was so satisfying
with the process and result

spent a night at my sister's house... 
took a walk this morning around her house
i love exploring stairs and hills
to see what's out there

kaki tree in the woods

more stairs...this one was bit scary

back home now
having a cup of tea