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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

chicken in marmalade & soy souce

super easy delicious chicken
marmalade jam and soy souce warmed in a pan
add chicken then
just cook till meat is tender

one more red mat for my chair is completed
went to town to buy some warm shirts for my father
walking in downtown made me exhausted after three hours
i came home, ate a big chocolate pie with coffee
then more sweet snack to recover from lost energy
sweet things make me smile these days
i also made pear jam/compote
will be stored in the freezer
this way, i can still enjoy my
favorite pear late time 



  1. Yum, a big chocolate pie! Sounds good to me!

  2. Haha, yes why not eat a big chocolate pie to recover! Good for you. A little bit of the pear jam with the pie would be great too :)) The chicken sound great, I did not know you could cook it with jam and soy souce. Sounds delish !

    Thank you Coco, for you lovely comment on my last entry. I like when you come to visit.
    And thank you for your lovely e-mail also. I wil send you a reply very soon.

    Hug ~ Aina

    Ps: Where did you buy the wooden pear ? What is it ?

    1. marmalade and soy souce gives teriyaki chicken flavor.
      i use this ingredients for pork ribs also. it is good and
      smooth sweet taste.

  3. Your chicken looks good. I like the combination of sweet and salty.

  4. that chicken looks and sounds


  5. the chicken looks tasty!
    your new chair mat is beautiful
    and i almost have the pear jam taste in my mouth :)