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Monday, November 18, 2013

exchange old clothes

every once in a while
i open a flea market in my house
i tell my sisters that the can pick whatever they like
and all free (free market ☺)
this time, i got lucky
my sister gave me her old clothes
this beige wool top is one of them
do you enjoy exchanging things between
the ivy  in a little jar begin to
show roots in there
i will plant them soon


  1. I share cloths with my sister too ….fun new cloths & free too!

  2. I give clothes to my daughter... she will be taller than me!

  3. i shar clothes with my sister twinsister : )i like ivy...i took ivy leaves from the ivytower in Bruges and now they dried very pretty...have a wonderful rest of day.

  4. we share our clothes with my sisters too :)
    except if something is new!
    beautiful leaves! look like painted with watercolors!