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Sunday, November 24, 2013

greatful sunday

glad to have:
* going to see my nephew sing in a choir
* happy to see my herbs still doing well in cold balcony.
   i am going to try propagating oregano and thyme this time.
* good friends who listen well.  always nice to have at least
   one or few good listener around you, and it means that
   i like to be like them to be a good listener to someone. 
   there are still so much to learn from others in this world.
* sunny sunday away from work.  feel so lucky when i
   get sunday off..
the days started with sunshine and cool air.  by
this evening, there will be some rain.  not welcoming
the rain but my plants will be happy. 
wishing you warm happy sunday however
your sky look like ❦


  1. lovely photos….lovely sunday….nice to be a good listener….enjoy your nephew singing …

  2. Here also rain and very misty, but I enjoy being inside and doing some hand-printing. Enjoy your time!

  3. sounds like a fine Sunday to me!

  4. it's so good to be grateful : )
    i loved hearing about your gratitudes!

  5. Dear Coco, send my greetings to your nephew! I am so glad he is doing fine and enjoying singing. I once did sing in a choir, I still sing when I am happy. Sometimes in our car when we travel. My husband smiles, he likes it :) Yesterday I visited one of my blogfriend, she has cancer and are struggling to cope with the whole situation. Reading and learning about other peoples difficulties makes me appreciate life more, it is so precious. Every single moment counts. You are so right about how much we can learn from other people. I learn to be more grateful for what I have, to not be miserable, to be strong, and not wanting more. As long as we are happy, are healthy, can enjoy food, have a good friend to laugh with. I know what you mean, someone who is listening, that is so important. Not many can listen well.Really listen, with 100 % focus.

    Warm hug ~ Aina