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Thursday, November 21, 2013

mind resting place

scarf i made on this day
all the cluttered thread has been fixed
and washed in warm water
now ready to go on walking trip with me
as walking down in cold air during lunch break
i found these maple tree
covered with orange and red veil
i remember that you wanted to see
 our maple tree when they finally put 
a autumn coat on them
it was such a rich red and orange
color, good treat to my eyes
hope you like them
these images taken in the park was
via my cell phone, not sure why,
but my cell phone camera gives me
kind of nostalgic atmosphere
which i am enjoying it


  1. I remember this beautiful scarf….it goes so well with the lovely red leaves in your photos!

  2. your scarf colors suit perfectly with the maple trees hues :)

  3. beautiful saori weaving and colored maple tree,
    thank you for sharing with me!!

    will you be weaving some more you think?
    i tried some simple weaving a couple of years back and liked it very much.

    soon bedtime here now, i have made myself a cup of rooibosh tea and will knit a little bit before
    going to bed.

    wishing you a lovely weekend dear c,

    1. am thinking of weaving again since
      it was such fun time and like the free style of
      this activity. there is no can just choose
      whatever the material you like and use all your imagination.

  4. What a nice scarf! I will try to email you soon :)