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Monday, November 11, 2013

opal basil & pouch

i made a little pouch for my glasses this evening
this will go perfectly in my pocket at work
thank you lily, your vintage ribbon became charm point
my opal basil is fading it's life
some of last stems are being chopped
now in the new pot
hope it works
i heard the weather lady kept saying
it is getting colder little bit in few days
this time i decide to trust her words
and got my electric rug out
covered my living room with warmness
now i am ready to sit down for cup of tea
for relaxing night
...maybe finishin up my kntting


  1. Love the shape of your eyeglass case.
    It's much colder here too.
    At night I snuggle under my sleeping bag with the window open just enough to smell the cold air.
    Hope your beautiful new scarf is keeping you warm!
    xo, j

  2. lovely pouch :)
    it's started getting a little colder here too.
    keep warm dear coco!

  3. I've been knitting a lot lately. It seems to be knitting season. Enjoy.