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Saturday, November 9, 2013

perfect weekend

this weekend, my sister took me to the garden center above
it was more than garden goods
breath taking roses and other display
they were all good treat to my eyes and soul

then we headed to a charming cafe nearby
there were hand crafted table and chairs and
two rabbits in the garden sleeping comfortably

at the cafe, i took saori weaving lesson
and made interesting scarf
it took three hours and was so satisfying
with the process and result

spent a night at my sister's house... 
took a walk this morning around her house
i love exploring stairs and hills
to see what's out there

kaki tree in the woods

more stairs...this one was bit scary

back home now
having a cup of tea


  1. That does indeed sound like a perfect weekend. Beautiful scarf that you made!

  2. Your shawl looks beautiful and will be useful soon.
    Flowering roses are medicine for the eyes. And such a beautiful countryside!

  3. you did this in 3 hours? wow! beautiful coco!
    and lovely nature around your sister's house!
    i wish you to enjoy sunday too!

  4. So lovely sister time and your scarf is beautiful. I'm learning some lace making at the moment, but weaving is on schedule in my craft's course in February and I'm already looking forward to it.
    It's a pleasure to see photos of the plants and trees around you, because most of them are totally new to me. What are those nuts that look like acorns, but the leaf is different from an oak?

    1. it is acorn. most of acorn i see around here is not english oak tree.
      i was also wondering why our acorn look different and did search for you.

    2. Thank you for those links. Now I know a bit more about various species of oak.

  5. what a joyful scarf, dear Coco
    and thank you for taking us on your meanderings,
    especially at the top of those stairs!

  6. What a treat! I'm so happy you had such a lovely weekend.
    The weaving is beautiful! Such joyous colors, I know you'll wear it and remember your day of adventure.
    Thank you for taking us along.
    xo, j

  7. such a wonderful post
    the roses, that fine scarf, the heartshaped leaves
    sounds like a lovely weekend

    thanks for sharing!

  8. it looks like such wonderful day !! so many nice and pretty things