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Saturday, November 30, 2013

like an old friend

he is going to be admitted in the hospital on 12/2, monday,
recently told there is tumor growing in his brain.   he is expecting
a brain surgery soon.  he has no family and totally alone.  he
is one of residents where i work as a nurse for last three years.
i approached him to see how he is coping with, asked if there is
anything i/we can do.  he said "no", very bluntly.  i sensed he
is not in a mood to talk to someone at the moment.
well, if so, i wanted to respect his feeling and privacy and give him
own peaceful moment without interuption.  but i still wanted to do
something even though he said "nothing".
so...i tried 
"may i make a cup of tea for you?" 
quietly, he replied to me "if you have one with me".
i was in the middle of my duty.  i even know there may not
be anything i can do to save him from possible brain cancer. 
if there is nothing i can do.........maybe i can just
listen to him like an old friend. 
i made two cups of hot hot green tea.  strong green tea from our
dinning.  he said i like strong tea like this.  don't like the light one.
one sip at a time while it's hot.  he started talking how he feels
as he sips....
over a cup of tea, we chatted a little bit.
after talking for a while, before he left, i saw him standing
his head tilted so discouragedly.  all the sudden one
tear dropped on the floor.  
he said, "i appreciate you caring for me".
after that, i went to my maneger, asked her if it is possible
to accompany him on the day of his admission to the
hospital because he is going to take a bus and then train by himself
without anyone with him.   sometimes, it is nice to have someone
next to.  just be there. 
having such diagnosis and even had to think of brain surgery
must be more than scary thing for him.   i am kind of relief to
know my boss will go to the hospital with him on monday. 
there maybe someone who like to chat with you or want
you to listen to them around you.  if you are in the same situation
wanting to hear what they have in mind, it is a good idea to
make a cup of tea/coffee and sit with them for a while.  so they
will know you have "time" to listen to them. 
enjoy the tea time.
although i shed tears for him, there is no
romantic end in this.  he is my grandpa's age. 


  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely experience. Fran

  2. tears came in my eyes with your story coco.
    i didn't know you were a nurse.
    you did very well.

  3. it is this sort of gesture of kindness,
    making time for a fellow human,
    that makes life worthwhile.
    thank you for reminding us, dear Coco

    1. You said it so well. I love the way you put what I was trying to write into words.

  4. so sad but so warming, I would want you to be looking after me or any of my family x

  5. reading this brought tears to my eyes…such a lovely gesture….a simple cup of tea can mean so much….I have so much admiration for your kind heart….thank you for reminding us that we can all do the same.

  6. a beautiful story that i needed to read tonight.
    thank you.