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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

glad you are still here

flower from walk
tulip and radish, orange for birds
dried kaki
i will be away for few days to meet all my family and
to celebrate my mother being 70.  we are going to spend
lots of time in hot spring and party in the evening
i hope coming year will bring you another joy and happiness to all
thank you for being here
and happy new years in advance

Saturday, December 28, 2013

peaceful walk

around this time of the year, we tend to pay more attention to
bright neon and pretty decoration in town.  it has been for a while
since i took time to walk around my neighborhood like spring and
summer.  although, new years is still on the corner and expecting
a party and luxurious time in few days, i felt like my mind need
relaxing time in nature. 
when i got home, i put black beans which was soaked
in water for half a day now on stove.  slow cook till tender and sweet.
i like the smell of cooking beans in very cold day.
spending a day like this helps me compromise going through hectic days.

Friday, December 27, 2013

noel night

surprise came to my door
noel night
thank you agathe

winter preserve

simply tangerine itself
pear & rum
apple & cranberry liqueur

Thursday, December 26, 2013

chocolate ♬ 。。。。delicious treat

for the last two month, i eat less snack and
it has became easy for me to tolerate with this
method.  but body and mind craves red meat and
chocolate ♪ 
i guess i am becoming chocoholic....these days.
white chocolate covered pie with
strawberry and cream inside.
delicious with coffee.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


my sister started making stollen last couple of years
before christmas and i get to have one.   i let it sit and 
enjoy looking at it  until i can no longer control
just looking.  this morning, i had two slices of
it with hazel nuts coffee for breakfast. 
* merry christmas *

Monday, December 23, 2013


it is becoming winter tradition to have one of my favorite flowers, viola.
they seem to enjoy coldness more than anybody else in the garden.
basil seed in oregano basket.  without cutting, i left stems of basil
on purpose to see how they will servive winter time.  i like seeing
them when i open the window in the morning.  pure natural beauty
i am loving. 
i am going to have christmas eve dinner tomorrow
with sister's family.  i hope everyone is enjoying
the crisp air and surrounded by warmness and smile. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

little things in life

i have no luck so far in my job search which i thought
to be moving to a big city.  i am too old for them.
i realized that long time ago, but i still have good amount of energy
to share and contribute my ability but the true life is not as easy as
i often wished for.  but, on the other side of my life, this opportunity 
gave me a chance to re-realize how many sweet things i have.  

recently, a postman have been so kind to redeliver the package 
when i wasn't home without me calling for redelivery.  i also like the
fact that i live close to two of my sisters.  a big package arrived from
my sister with lots of good food and curry and coffee the other day. 
having some friends in same town who loves green like me and i 
enjoy sharing my baby plants with them. then after, it is nice
to hear how the plants are growing.  how they are using herbs in 
cooking and daily lives. my brother in law becomes handyman for me
when i need some help is another benefit i live here in a old apt.  
speaking of an apt, i always feel so lucky to have a large balcony 
garden i so love and able to jump out with barefoot, see the birds
come by and chirp around, entertaining me often.  
and more than anything i enjoy and value is having my nephew
in walking distance, so i can share my doughnuts and pizza when
they just come out from hot oven.  although job search is not 
going well, i am enjoying what i presently have.
those little things

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

old sweater


couple of hours at the cafe with a cup of cupcchino
and cheese cake.  chat and good laugh with a dear
friend from work.  i decided to walk home after a good
time.  lots of golden color of ginkgo leaves on the
street brightened up my way back home. 
my old knit wears were being neglected by me
for a long time.  i will give them another chance to
enjoy the season together again.
new cheek color knit is becoming my current
favorite color.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


my mind is fully occupied by finding a new job
at the moment but i still like making doughnuts
and pizza.  i know the interviewer might ask what
my hobby is.  whether he likes my response or not,
can i say "doughnuts & pizza making"?
i am focusing on optimism in life. 
please wish me luck on monday.
wishing everyone's weekend is surrounded by
smile and laughter.

Monday, December 2, 2013

slow quiet time

the last month of the year
it seems everyone is in a hurry wherever we go
let's make slow time peaceful moment
at least once a day
happy december to all