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Thursday, December 19, 2013

little things in life

i have no luck so far in my job search which i thought
to be moving to a big city.  i am too old for them.
i realized that long time ago, but i still have good amount of energy
to share and contribute my ability but the true life is not as easy as
i often wished for.  but, on the other side of my life, this opportunity 
gave me a chance to re-realize how many sweet things i have.  

recently, a postman have been so kind to redeliver the package 
when i wasn't home without me calling for redelivery.  i also like the
fact that i live close to two of my sisters.  a big package arrived from
my sister with lots of good food and curry and coffee the other day. 
having some friends in same town who loves green like me and i 
enjoy sharing my baby plants with them. then after, it is nice
to hear how the plants are growing.  how they are using herbs in 
cooking and daily lives. my brother in law becomes handyman for me
when i need some help is another benefit i live here in a old apt.  
speaking of an apt, i always feel so lucky to have a large balcony 
garden i so love and able to jump out with barefoot, see the birds
come by and chirp around, entertaining me often.  
and more than anything i enjoy and value is having my nephew
in walking distance, so i can share my doughnuts and pizza when
they just come out from hot oven.  although job search is not 
going well, i am enjoying what i presently have.
those little things


  1. Job situation is not easy everywhere you look. When you are young, they say you have too less experience, when you are old, they say you are too old, when you are a woman they don't want you because you might get a baby...they find always reasons! Good that you don't take it too personal and let it make you too sad! Wishing you a cozy weekend!

  2. sorry to hear about no luck in your job search. but it is so nice to read about your little things that make you happy. thanks for inspiration.