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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

january garden

few days ago, he came back to the facility
where he calls home.  although he look so
emaciated, we are hoping he gets enough
nutrients and love of care from our fellow
workers.  hopefully, he get little chubby
like others soon
last night, i watched an interesting program on TV and i was
very moved by yacouba's devotion.
please take a look
 i am sure you will be encouraged by his
work and love for the community

i watched this today and love what she enjoys in life


  1. Beautiful pictures! And thank you for sharing these videos!

  2. Beautiful garden.

  3. your garden is very beautiful coco!
    glad to hear that your friend is recovering, wish everything goes better for him.
    may i ask what is this in the third foto :)
    i will watch the videos now :)

    1. some kind of roots. ^^
      you can read under "uses".

  4. Lovely stories & photos….so nice to be thinking about a garden now…I loved the last video…wish i could have some of her soup.

  5. My dear sweet friend, how beautiful the story of this man is and how fortunate he is to have you close by.
    Sometimes just sitting with someone is enough...I hope to hear he is comfortable and that your heart is still strong.
    Much love
    xo, j

  6. Good news :) and thankyou for the links!