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Friday, January 3, 2014


sunny warm day today
i am already in a mood for spring gardening
makes me think of various ideas of
this and that


  1. i am looking forward to gardening too

  2. I am allready dreaming about new plants for my garden, too.

    Have a good start in 2014 dear coco!

  3. it was a sunny friday here too,
    after many cloudy days.

    dear coco i wish you a good new year!

  4. happy new year dear coco!

    oh, it is a long time until i can start gardening but i am
    already dreaming about it too. one of the things that i always look forward to
    when i enter into a new year...longing for springtime : )

    such peaceful and beautiful photos you share.

  5. I love that light you have there!
    It has been so dark here because we do not have snow...

  6. Happy New Year darling!
    Sorry I've been away but you are always in my thoughts.
    We had 8" of snow the other day and the temperature is below zero...all will make for a grand spring, I'm sure.
    I love the photos from your New Year post! What a beautiful place.
    May this new year be filled with laughter, love and good health for you and your family.
    All my love
    xo, j

  7. Lovely images & happy thoughts about this & that….