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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

while cooking

          while i was preparing for yakisoba
          (stirfly noodle), i munched on slices
          of cabbage as i so hungry.  I didn't
          know cabbage can be so sweet. 

i am admiring white thyme in a water jar.  when it show some roots,         
i will transplant them in soil.         
a little hiyoko was too cute to be eaten.         

warm sunlight all day today.
i did enjoy quiet reading time and lots of
coffee and dessert.  happy moment.


  1. no sunlight here today... just rain...
    beautiful moments with sun
    and this little hiyoko creature is so cute :)

  2. Ah, it must be nice to have some sunlight! I love Japanese shredded cabbage salad with sesame dressing--alongside tonkatsu. I miss that!

    1. you can make tonkatsu, it's easy and it is good with curry too.
      i ate left half of cabbage today^^

  3. Roasted cabbage can be delicious too.
    Enjoy the sunshine.
    xo, j

  4. Yes, many happy moments to you dear coco!