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Friday, February 28, 2014

green in rice

my lunch today, i took rice, chicken, miso-soup and
carrots and raisen salad which are two of my favorite.
have you ever had green beans in rice?
it is absolutely good.   you can use green pea  or
edamame(soy beans)
here is how you can do in easy way.
once rice is cooked, put frozen soy beans  or green pea
on top of rice while it is still in a pan or rice cooker and
let it be there for minute for them to chit-chat.  mix all
together well, and serve with sprinkle of salt...just little bit. 
good easy try for you.
we call this dish "mame gohan"
mame = green beans
gohan = rice
enjoy your dinner
and japanese lesson !

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

yesterday and today

try to eat healthier but can't help myself
there is always one thing on my mind
wherever i go i tend to get fresh bread
for my souvenir

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

use of old fabric & stitching

book stores and library are great places to find
the inspiration.  i was browsing the public library
wanted to find stitching books today.


in her book, she noted 
as you stitches unusual shape of fabrics together
when you think it is good ......becomes normal
when you think it might be odd.....becomes more odd
but in the end, it becomes unique and powerful 
because each small pieces of fabric 
creates characteristic atmosphere
as a whole 


i admire her life philosophy

Title: Nuno wo tsunagu hibi          
Authour: MAEDA Junko   

Monday, February 24, 2014


yesterday, my breakfast was just toast and coffee
and little bit of sausage.   for lunch, instandtcup noodle.
in the evening, i became hypoglycemic and very close
to passing out.  thinking back, i admit that i've not been
cooking much for each meal lately and most of my meal
consist of mainly quick carbohydrate. not good..
this morning, i try to incorporate more protein. 
i need to have more protein in breakfast and lunch
to cope with all day standing job.  if you have any
good recipe or suggestion for lunch menu,
would you like to share with me. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

all from your kitchen

last several days, i've experimented different
recipe to make facial pack for it's moisture effect. 
my very first experiment was yogurt + flour
second: yogurt+flour +honey
i liked the first one but what if i added some oil.
today, i tried by adding some oil in it and
the result was super nice.
so smooth, easy to apply on the skin.
and after i washed it out,
skin felt so tender and plump. 
if you like to try,
here is the recipe



plain yogurt 2tbs
flour             1/2tbs or less
olive oil        2-3 drops
mix them well in a pan,
put the pan on very low heat and stir well while on the stove
(less than 1minutes)
turn off the heat, let it cool
when it cooled down or very very luke warm
you may apply on your skin
please be veryyyy careful not to burn yourself
after you applied on skin, wait till dry
then rinse with warm water
p.s. now it is spring time this recipe feels
too oily on my skin.  it's better without olive oil
during spring and summer(try just yogurt & flour)
it becomes this thickness
you can keep in the refridgerator or cool place
 for few days.  i usually make small amount
each time as in the recipe in order to
use fresh one as possible.
i hope you like it.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

for dry skin

all of the sudden, my skin and lips are so dry. 
i decided to try homemade yogurt pack.
anyone interested in this recipe?

Friday, February 21, 2014

nice to find in a mailbox

wonder who thought of me
breathtaking view and i like the
small house in it
thank you


Monday, February 17, 2014

washing wools

this morning while i was wating for the phone interview
i washed lots of wool sweaters and mittens
this activity surely prevent me getting too nervous
after washed everything i had planned, i felt so pure inside
however the outcome of today's discussion became
small worry to me in the end
i like having friends' full love of handmades
another dayoff is closing slowly in peace

scrambled egg sandwich


 lately, i often make egg sandwich
make scrambled egg, mayo and 
mustard on toast, add chopped 
lettuce or any herbs or garden 
leaf, whatever is available 
in the kitchen,  super easy, 
gratifying meal to start the day

      vintage fabric i bought yesterday

Sunday, February 16, 2014

sunday afternoon walk

walking around neighborhood in slow motion today,
there was a good antique found, this shop window is always
decorated with a seasonal items and i like to look at this
quiet charming window.


the store across from above shop
had lots of antique plates, cups, bowls, and
vintage fabrics

the square one with flower in the center was so
cute.  i have to go back to get it next time. 

white and blue

Friday, February 14, 2014

another apron and milk doughnuts


unexpected package on valentines day brought me a joy
i am happy to find another cute apron
when i was in elementary school, i used to
love reading like grimms fairy tales
one ordinary day turned out to be one happy day


Saturday, February 8, 2014

when it snows



long waited snowy scense is the most
delightful things for me this morning. 
i took most of my beloved plants inside
and feel like living in a flower shop.  nm, i love it.
this snow seems to wipe off all the difficulty i have
for finding a new job.   it makes me think that if it
didn't work out, there are other things waiting for me
when spring arrives.  so, it is ok and will find
something else for life.
the other day, i was reading my old post about writing to
friends long time ago and how much i enjoyed sharing
thoughts, life i have, selecting stationary and what to include
as a gift, all the process was fun and brought me a peaceful
feeling.  it might be a good idea to sit and do that again
instead of sending a quick email.