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Sunday, February 23, 2014

all from your kitchen

last several days, i've experimented different
recipe to make facial pack for it's moisture effect. 
my very first experiment was yogurt + flour
second: yogurt+flour +honey
i liked the first one but what if i added some oil.
today, i tried by adding some oil in it and
the result was super nice.
so smooth, easy to apply on the skin.
and after i washed it out,
skin felt so tender and plump. 
if you like to try,
here is the recipe



plain yogurt 2tbs
flour             1/2tbs or less
olive oil        2-3 drops
mix them well in a pan,
put the pan on very low heat and stir well while on the stove
(less than 1minutes)
turn off the heat, let it cool
when it cooled down or very very luke warm
you may apply on your skin
please be veryyyy careful not to burn yourself
after you applied on skin, wait till dry
then rinse with warm water
p.s. now it is spring time this recipe feels
too oily on my skin.  it's better without olive oil
during spring and summer(try just yogurt & flour)
it becomes this thickness
you can keep in the refridgerator or cool place
 for few days.  i usually make small amount
each time as in the recipe in order to
use fresh one as possible.
i hope you like it.


  1. I will try it, thank you :)

  2. Oh thank you coco!! I'll try too!!

  3. this looks and sounds nice
    i will try!

    thank you

  4. i like homemade masks!
    looks good to try!
    thank you for sharing coco!