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Friday, February 28, 2014

green in rice

my lunch today, i took rice, chicken, miso-soup and
carrots and raisen salad which are two of my favorite.
have you ever had green beans in rice?
it is absolutely good.   you can use green pea  or
edamame(soy beans)
here is how you can do in easy way.
once rice is cooked, put frozen soy beans  or green pea
on top of rice while it is still in a pan or rice cooker and
let it be there for minute for them to chit-chat.  mix all
together well, and serve with sprinkle of salt...just little bit. 
good easy try for you.
we call this dish "mame gohan"
mame = green beans
gohan = rice
enjoy your dinner
and japanese lesson !


  1. It looks delicious!
    So glad you are eating well again and obviously feeling better.
    xo, j

  2. You are making yourself some very yummy & nutritious things to eat. I wish I could have joined you. But I am very happy to have the recipe & the Japanese lesson. Thank you coco.

  3. green peas in rice are delicious!
    happy march coco!