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Monday, February 24, 2014


yesterday, my breakfast was just toast and coffee
and little bit of sausage.   for lunch, instandtcup noodle.
in the evening, i became hypoglycemic and very close
to passing out.  thinking back, i admit that i've not been
cooking much for each meal lately and most of my meal
consist of mainly quick carbohydrate. not good..
this morning, i try to incorporate more protein. 
i need to have more protein in breakfast and lunch
to cope with all day standing job.  if you have any
good recipe or suggestion for lunch menu,
would you like to share with me. 


  1. I like to have steamed fish, it's easy.I just steam a slice of fish with some ginger, then add a splash of soya sauce when it is cooked and eat it with rice and salad. Take care, eat healthy :)

  2. I only drink coffee in the morning, no more than 2 cups, and then drink plenty of water all day.
    Maybe that's why your skin has been feeling dry too.
    For lunch I usually have a sandwich, either meat or egg, or a big salad with some meat or cheese in it.
    I always have fruit around during the day to snack on.
    I too am on my feet all day and know how difficult it can be.
    Please take care of yourself!
    xo, j

  3. oh no :( sounds not good. I hate fainting, it happens also sometimes to me. It really helps to eat more protein, so that the blood sugar level does not drop so fast suddenly. My blood circulation is very bad also, I could never have a job where I stand all day! Sending you a big hug! Take good care of yourself!

  4. I struggle to eat protein, other than eggs, first thing in the morning so my go to breakfast at the moment is based on the idea of bircher muesli. I soak oats in milk (or a milk substitute such as almond or soya milk) overnight, by soaking them I find them more easily digestable. I make a batch which lasts a few days and use approx. 50g of oats per portion but you can increase or decrease this depending on appetite. Then in the morning I add whichever fresh or dried fruit, nuts and spices I fancy. My favourites are apple, raisin and cinnamon or when I can get coconut milk I soak the oats in it overnight and add mango, fresh or dried. This morning I mixed the oats with stewed rhubarb left over from the weekend and pistachio nuts. The oats release energy gradually so help to maintain blood sugar. When I have this for my breakfast I tend to have an apple and a few brazil nuts mid morning and that's enough to keep me going until lunch. On the mornings I fancy eggs I tend to make an omelette and add a little cheese, ham and some vegetables to it. For lunch, I usually have chicken salad or soup. I hope that your energy returns soon. Cx

  5. Take care dear coco, you can not live on coffee & instant noodles alone.

  6. oh, coco. eat well dear!

  7. ❀to all of you
    Thank you for the idea for lunch and encouragement.