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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

use of old fabric & stitching

book stores and library are great places to find
the inspiration.  i was browsing the public library
wanted to find stitching books today.


in her book, she noted 
as you stitches unusual shape of fabrics together
when you think it is good ......becomes normal
when you think it might be odd.....becomes more odd
but in the end, it becomes unique and powerful 
because each small pieces of fabric 
creates characteristic atmosphere
as a whole 


i admire her life philosophy

Title: Nuno wo tsunagu hibi          
Authour: MAEDA Junko   


  1. coco this looks like a great book and yes what a great philosophy, thank you for sharing this wonderful find, I feel inspired .h

    1. i knew you will enjoy it. i hope you keep stitching
      for coming spring and so on..

  2. So Inspiring to read Coco! I am intrigued to find this book ! Remember our chat ? This is exactly what I meant, reusing old fabrics making something unique. I will search for this book now..

    Have a happy day :)

    ~ Aina ~

    1. i admire people who try to conserve what they already have and give it
      a secound chance. i, myself is longing for slow stitching as she said "very
      relaxing meditation like". i like to enjoy the slowness in this activity, don't you.
      have a good week, aina.

  3. What a delightful book and philosophy! I really like this style.

  4. What a treasure to find in your library!
    Love her work and life philosophy too.
    As we strive to organize the pieces of of life...
    Thank you
    xo, j