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Saturday, February 8, 2014

when it snows



long waited snowy scense is the most
delightful things for me this morning. 
i took most of my beloved plants inside
and feel like living in a flower shop.  nm, i love it.
this snow seems to wipe off all the difficulty i have
for finding a new job.   it makes me think that if it
didn't work out, there are other things waiting for me
when spring arrives.  so, it is ok and will find
something else for life.
the other day, i was reading my old post about writing to
friends long time ago and how much i enjoyed sharing
thoughts, life i have, selecting stationary and what to include
as a gift, all the process was fun and brought me a peaceful
feeling.  it might be a good idea to sit and do that again
instead of sending a quick email.


  1. I would love to get a letter from you, although we are not old friends yet.

    Lovely pics of snowy houses on hills!

  2. It is soooooooo hot here today Coco.
    This afternoon the temperature reached 45 degrees.
    Unbelievably the cat had a nap under the doona!

  3. These are paceful images! Thankou for sharing.