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Sunday, March 23, 2014

morning garden today

succulent and oregano around juneberry tree

getting ready to do stitching on pure linen
on the corner of my balcony, i through some succulents
and water them.  they seems to be rooted well 
and expanded.  i think it was a good experiment 
to see if they grow on concrete surface. 

mitsuba.  edible herb

white thyme

sowed basil seed

late in last fall, i propagated oregano in various location.  adoreble
small leaves were strong enough to survive winter and now they
are growing even more all over in the garden.  i often eat them
in salad, pasta, and pizza.

fish pasta with herbs

❁ good feeling to hear from friend
via email and receiving surprise mail lately. 
thank you.



  1. Looks like a lot of health in your garden.
    I do not know mitsuba, it looks a bit like parsley.
    Cooking with herbs is great - do you have sage?
    I bought a big pot some weeks ago - it is great,
    but you have to be careful - it has a very strong taste.

    1. I don't have sage. how do you
      use in cooking?

  2. Ou, coco, so lovely photos. I love herbs.

  3. I love your garden

    and now i want to have some pasta too...

  4. beautiful post which inspires me to start my seedlings off which I am being a bit lazy about doing it's a little chilly out yet but i purchased a mini green house which is holding two strawberry plants, my lemon tree, my avocado plant and my succulents at present, I am going to sew tomatoes, peppers, chills, various herbs I have a lot of herbs still growing, may some spinach and potatoes too. warm wishes x

  5. herbs and succulents and sun and yummy food.
    looks good :)

  6. I love the beginning stages of gardening….so pretty….so hopeful !!

  7. Hi Coco,

    What a beautiful herb garden you have ! You never have to buy! All the pots together will surely make an attractive edible appearance. I find herbs rewarding plants to grow, however I never succeded with basil. And I still don`t know why it is so. I usually purchase basil from my local gardener. I agree with Sally Tharpe, I love planting seeds and watching them grow. A new life is precious.

    ~ Aina ~