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Thursday, May 29, 2014


 2yrs ago, i made a wish of having                     
pink garden in my balcony and many of you have                     
sent me variety of seeds.  some of them didn't do                     
well in our humid climate but some did well.                    
it was fun experiment to try all different kinds of                     
seed from all over the world and it helped me                     
learn lots of gardening techniques.  thanks to                     
all my friends, my garden remains with some kind                     
of pink flower throughout the year now.                    
thank you to all of you.                    
one of Asian flower:
this blooms before rainy season here. it means
our long humid wet season will be here soon.

white nemesia and thyme.
whether it is my imagination or not,
this nemesia smells like vanilla ♫

thank you olga


alicia, your flower survived our winter
it feels like you are here
for a long while, i've had a crave for homemade fresh
fruits&vege juice.  i finally got the blender for this
purpose and am going to take an advantage
during the hot season by experimenting
new recipes daily.  today, i had all those
above with some milk and bit of yogurt in it. 

 good day everyone



  1. wish your day is as beautiful
    as all your beautiful flowers!

  2. Now that is fun to have a garden for seeds planted all over the world, the plants look so pretty.
    I have been enjoying fresh fruit and vegetable juices too, it's a great time of year to experiment
    with different combinations.