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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

happy dessert

 yesterday, i went to get annual physical exam.  it includes
EGD via nare which i felt like a torture to me with only
local anesthetic.  but all this is free from work and
i should take an advantage of early detection if there
are anything need to be treated.  after a long three hours
of examination of entire body, they give us free lunch ticket
which is worth for about $30.00.  to comfort myself,
i chose delicious hamberger lunch set.  at the end of the meal,
this beautifully arranged dessert was served.
it was totally unexpected.  beautiful decoration made me
very happy and remind me the love of cooking i always have. 


  1. What a wonderful health care system you have! ....& a lovely end to your ordeal!

  2. I agree with Sally!
    What a beautiful dessert :)

  3. you deserved it after 3 hours of examination :)
    i wish your results are all ok!