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Thursday, May 15, 2014

minus to plus

photos :
-flowers in the bathroom is a good thing for you
-another eye resting spot in the bathroom
-today's evening garden with jasmine in full bloom,
 nostalgic lovely scent around here and there
-raind all day today
-happy herbs after the rain
-gifted umbrella from dear friends to me two decades ago still intact
for a long while, i have been trying to convert negative thoughts
to positive ones. this attitude had helped me go through difficult
days at work, dilemma in job search, relationship with others.
this idea had been a great thing for me that i feel content
and strong and even feel good about myself.
just keep in mind:   change minus to plus ✿


  1. Oh! Your are a very wise person. Today I have a bad day, and your feelings make me feel better .)

  2. Yes, positive thinking! Seems to make everything better don't you think?
    Love the little bird.
    Have a great day!

  3. This is a task I have also asked of myself. It is working:)
    Flowers in the bathroom-what a good idea!

  4. good point of view :)
    though it's difficult sometimes to be positive in bad situations.
    you bathroom must be beautiful!
    and your garden looks great!
    wish you a pleasant weekend!