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Saturday, June 21, 2014

adventure at flea market

at the aquarium
saturday was such a adventurous day
at one of the biggest flea market in Kyoto
antiques, handmades, so many
different types of venders
cotton towels


these 5 girls were so adorable
i bought pink one for my niece

so very authentic sashiko on
indigo blue, it was sooo beautiful
to look at.
wooden spoon always get my attention
these came home with me
they will be go to my tea jar
it was such a productive fun day



  1. What an amazing day you had! I love the indigo fabrics....& the wooden spoons....beautiful!

  2. so many beautiful things!
    the hanging bells look lovely
    and the little dolls are so cute!

  3. What a lot of beautiful things! I love markets too :)
    Nice findings.

  4. and we are happy to get the chance to go along with you through your pictures!!
    love those wooden spoons too : ))