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Monday, June 9, 2014

june favorite

long waited plum 1kg=450¥($4.50)
i am making plum jam tomorrow.
basil from seed.  they tend to get eaten by bugs
before i get to...i should learn to be more clever,
this year, i took all inside to be in a happier place.
wild roses from neighborhood meadow.  this land
will be destroyed soon to be totally a new town. 
it was unexpectedly too hot day.  cold white
wine sounds so good to enjoy the
relaxing day off evening.
and you?


  1. I love the photo of you holding the bowl of plums! Sounds like you had a perfect day off....& yum homemade jam!

  2. mmm, i like plum jam!
    first foto is very beautiful and summery!
    here today the weather wasn't quite good.
    it rained in the evening.
    hope you have enjoyed your glass of wine!
    and have a good week!