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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

what i have



 purple mustard leaf and rucola salad
life isn't as fair as i thought it would be.  sometimes
in the past, i tend to focus on what i didn't have
but instead, being aware of what i have has been a really
good excercise to me these days.  approaching life
this way has helped me to grow as a person
and feel richer inside and fulfilled than ever. 
whether lady said it is going to be rainy day,
but it didn't till late this afternoon and i was
so glad.  today was my birthday and my sister
took me out for lunch.  of course as usual,
we enjoyed window shopping for several hours
until we get hungry again and out feet hurts to
walk any longer.  our next stop was a dessert
cafe where we had delicious cheese cake with
some kind of sweet and sour berries on it. 
happy sibling time went by very fast and
on the way home, we bought canel for souvenir. 
spent my day in favorite blouse i bought
for this summer. 


  1. Happy Birthday coco! Glad you had a nice day with your sister!

  2. Dear coco, Happy Birthday♥

  3. Happy birthday! What a nice way to celebrate and you blouse is so pretty, it would be my favorite too.

  4. Oh Coco! I wish you a happy Birthday!!! I'm also very grateful for the things I have and not look at those I don't like when I was younger. It surely helps a lot to be more satisfied in life. I hope that I can have many seeds from my plants in autumn to be able to send you some also!
    Much love!

  5. Happy Birthday, Coco! Thank you for your thoughts and your very pretty photographs.

  6. happy birthday :)
    your blouse looks wonderful!

  7. happy birthday!
    sounds like a fine day
    and your words are so true
    yes, let's think and be grateful for the things we have
    we very much enjoyed the radish and musterd
    grown from seed you once send me ;^))
    and as last
    what a lovely blouse!

    Patrice A.

  8. happy birthday my dear coco!
    sounds really good how you spend it with your sister!
    send you my very best wishes!

  9. belated warm wishes,
    be very happy, dear coco!