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Sunday, July 20, 2014

garden visit like last year

 due to so high humidity along with hotness,
i had forgotten to visit lotus garden lately. 
as i recall, it was during end of june when
lotus was in full bloom welcoming all the visitors.
it is almost end of july!  all of the sudden, i remember
this amazingly beautiful site.  so, i walked up there
during lunch break.  it was another hot day with
temp about 30℃ with humidity 80%.
* click the photo for garden tour.

 only this portion was in autumn color.
could this be different kind of maple?

 looks like an alien from outer space, doesn't it?

i am so glad that i was able to catch this
again this year. 


  1. Very lovely, thank you. Fran

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially love the close ups! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place!

  3. i think i remember your last year visit.
    what a beautiful walk and plants to see.
    the autumn colored leaves looks like stars!
    and yes this weird plant looks like an alien's head with many eyes :)