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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

hot summer day

it's been so hot lately.  in the balcony, basil is growing
more than i can keep up with eating.  they are getting
gigantic and now began flowering and producing seed. 
today, i trimed some more for pizza.  bitter melon
is in their last growth spurts and there are about
several more fruits to be harvested in few days. 
although, it won't be any harvest any time soon,
two of my new veges, potatoes and asparagus, are 
doing well, growing taller and greener.  it is
interesting to see new vege growing like this
in own place.  thyme, oregano, mint, and other herbs are
spreading their roots to search any available water on
the concreat while i am gone to work during the
day.  by the end of the day when i can finally 
water them, they become already wilted. 
as soon as i shower them with plenty of fresh
water, they seem to jump out and realived.
summer is all about seeing plants growing, listening
to cicada sing ...and eating water melon!


  1. yes, this is summer :) oh, and swimming in the blue sea!
    beautiful light and shadows.