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Monday, July 7, 2014

lemon basil

lemon basil doing well in the garden.   it is becoming
annual summer plants to me and producing many seeds
for next year.  last few years, i have been successfully able
to collect seeds and enjoy sharing with friends. 
big typhoon is on our way in one or two days.  some of
the pots will be taken inside this evening. 
i am now going to get my sewing machine out
and sew summer skirts.


  1. Stay safe....I hope the typhoon does not do any damage!

  2. your lemon basil looks very pretty!
    protect yourself and your beautiful flowers!
    i hope it won't be a very angry typhoon...

  3. Hola! Lindísimo tu lemon basil!!!! Se siente su aroma.....y listo para comerla con tomates frescos!!!!! Besos, Gloria